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Unsubscribe to WhatsApp business accounts promotional messages.

Now a day every company is started messaging you on WhatsApp via their official business accounts. They are sending you promotional messages, offers, product launch and other messages frequently to promote their products and services. Also, now you can contact their customer care using WhatsApp and also gets important updates and status of your complaint into their business accounts.

So, blocking business account is not a solution because you can’t be able to contact them again. But Frequently messages from WhatsApp business accounts are annoying sometimes because we don’t want their messages in our personal chat list.

Here we have a solution for it you can easily unsubscribe to WhatsApp business accounts for stopping them to sending you updates, promotional offers and updates, product and service release etc… without blocking them.

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How to unsubscribe to WhatsApp business accounts?

You can easily unsubscribe to WhatsApp business accounts for stopping company and business accounts to sending you unuseful promotional messages and updates without blocking them in very few steps.

Follow the below steps to unsubscribe.

1. Open your WhatsApp.

2. Find the business accounts you like unsubscribe.

3. Now open chat or messages of company.

4. Into conversation section just type “OPTOUT” or “STOP” in capital letters.


5. Send it.

6. Done you are successfully optout to receiving messages from company.

This are the easiest and simple way to stop any business accounts of WhatsApp to sending you a promotional messages and updates without blocking them.

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