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Snapchat spotlight Payment Eligibility: earnings and revenue terms and conditions.

Do you want to earn money using snapchat spotlight? let’s check out spotlight Payment Eligibility criteria,snapchat spotlight earnings and revenue terms and conditions and know how you can earn money by posting snaps or videos at spotlight, how much you can earn by posting snap or videos at snapchat spotlight, how much snapchat will pay you, and revenue per spotlight video views, how spotlight algorithm works, list of eligible counties, payment notification and process, tax deduction. There are lots questions in your mind related to spotlight earnings so let’s clear it.

Snapchat spotlight will pay you for posting video or snap?

Yes, snapchat will pay you for posting videos or snap at spotlight. but you must complete some criteria and also have to follow all the revenue terms and conditions of snapchat spotlight. so, let’s know about in short details.

Content requirements and rights of your spotlight snap or video?

To eligible for spotlight earning you must have all the third-party rights like music copyrights and have a permission to share it publicly for all content you submit at spotlight and you are also providing the rights(audio/video) to snapchat of sharing, distribution, editing, copy, and recreation of your content. so, you can’t apply any compensation if it’s used by snapchat or any other snapchat users.

Spotlight Payment Eligibility criteria: how you can eligible for spotlight payment?

Here, is the list of spotlight payment eligibility criteria. You must require fulfilling this all criteria to get pay-out from spotlight. mark that only a small percentage of creators who is submitting snaps or short videos to spotlight will receive payments.

1. Publicly live.

First of all, you have to create snap or short video according to all spotlight and snapchat terms and conditions and will be live after submission. For more details about spotlight eligibility criteria read our article on it.

2. well performance.

Your snap must have to preform very well in a one single day (pacific time zone) to eligible or payment.

3. Value Threshold and Eligibility period.

your snap or video must have to achieve the value of threshold during the eligibility period.

Value threshold:  it is based on snapchat payment formula means your snap must accumulated at least a $250 USD payment in that day.

Eligibility period: first 7 days after submission is the eligibility period.

That means if your snap or video achieves the value threshold every day till first 7 days after submission then you are eligible for receive payment of that day.

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Spotlight payment earning calculation formula.

Let’s know about snapchat spotlight earning calculation formula. How snapchat calculate earnings on spotlight snap according to views and performance of your snap or short video. How snapchat will pay you your earning.

Payment formula of spotlight.

Snapchat spotlight will calculate your earning using their proprietary payment formula. It’s considered lots of factors like number of unique video views of your specific snap and other relative performance of your snap compared to other snaps in spotlight.

Your received amount will be impacted by snapchat moderation and spotlight content suggestion algorithms.

How snapchat spotlight Algorithm works?

Snapchat Spotlight algorithm will work to prioritize your contents on the bases below factors.

  • Number of unique video views.
  • Favourites attributes to a snap.
  • Number of daily users who views your content.
  •  Time spend by users in viewing your content.
  • Past performance of your content.
  • Content utilizes snap technology (snapchat camera, lenses, filters etc.).
  • your content relates to any relevant trends and topic.
  • Frequency of content adding on snapchat or website.

so, this are the factors are considered by spotlight algorithm to place your snap or short video on top in spotlight section. If you want place your video/snap on top, then keep these things in mind before creating any content.

things that do not consider during calculation of spotlight payment.

here is the list of things that is not considering by spotlight while calculating your payment and also snapchat not allowing and restricting these kinds of activities for increase views and performance of your spotlight content. it’s called ‘invalid activities’ in terms of spotlight policies.

  • Artificially increases number of views.
  • Spam, invalid quires, or invalid impressions generated by any person, bot, automated program or devices.
  • Any clicks or impressions originating from your devices or in your control devices, and mobile devices with new or suspicious account.
  • Impression generated by paid promotions, false representation or offer.
  • Impression generated using violation of the terms that govern the service.

So, this are the things that do not consider during calculation of spotlight snap payment. You should also stay away from this kind of activities. Also, it may have a chance to suspension of your snapchat spotlight account.

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Spotlight payment eligible countries.

Currently spotlight payment is not available for all countries. So, for receiving payment from spotlight you must be belongs from the spotlight payment eligible countries.

Here is the list of spotlight payment eligible countries.

Country list: Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UAE, United Kingdom, United States… more are coming soon.

Spotlight payment account eligibility criteria.

If your snap got listed for payment, then you must have to fulfil below requirements as a creator to receive payment of your snap.

List of requirements as a creator to receive spotlight payment.

  • You must have to submit your snap from eligible countries.
  • You must be a legal resident of an eligible country.
  • Your age should 16+ or you are in legal age of majority according to jurisdiction of your country.
  • Require permission of your parents or your legal guardian.
  • If you want payment on the name of your business, then you must have an office or headquartered at eligible country.

So, this are the requirements you have to fulfil as a creator for receiving payment from spotlight on your name or on your parents/guardian name or your business name. mark that snapchat is reserve right to verify your contact details so never enters false details. Otherwise you will not be received payment if you are failed in verification process.

Who will not eligible for Spotlight payment?

Here is the list of peoples who are not eligible for receiving spotlight payment.

  • Employee, officer, or director of snapchat or its parent, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies.
  • Government entity, subsidiary, or affiliate of a government entity.
  • Member of royal family.

So, if you belong from above categories then you are not eligible for spotlight payment.

Spotlight payment notification and payment process.

if your snap is eligible for payment then snapchat will notify you by sending notification in your snapchat application or by the email to your registered email id.

After received the confirmation from snapchat you must have to provide all your contact details to received payment.

Contact details required for receive spotlight payment.

Lis of contact details you have to provide for receive payment from spotlights are:

  • Legal first and last name.
  • Email ID.
  • Phone number.
  • Residence State and country details.
  • Date of birth.
  • Payment account details.

You must have to submit this all details within a 30 days period since first notification and within 90 days of the first notification your account will be created after all verification process done by snapchat. Mark that if you didn’t submit your contact details within 30 day then you will not eligible to receive payment.

Payment transfer mode of spotlight?

Snapchat spotlight have multiple payment transfer options like bank transfer, wire transfer or online wallet and money transfer options like PayPal and Venmo.

Taxes and deductions on spotlight payment.

Snapchat spotlight will made payment in United state dollars (USD) currency. So, it is subject to apply currency exchange charges according to your local currency and payment transaction fees. It is also subject to deduction of taxes which is applicable due to the law of your country.

List of applicable transition fees,

DetailsFees (USD)
Local bank transfer fee*Click here to know your local bank transfer fees.
Wire Transfer Fee*2% of the transaction amount *minimum fee of $10 but not to exceed $20.
PayPal/Venmo transfer fee*$0.50/transaction
Return fee*$10/return *if fund is return due to incorrect bank information
Foreign Exchange fee*It’s fluctuating with market so check every time for latest rate.
Subaccount Unload Fee/Expired Payment Fee*$5/unload *fund is not withdrawn prior to expiration date

After this all deduction you will get your net payment in your account.

So, this are the all details about spotlight Payment Eligibility criteria and revenue terms and conditions.

Spotlight Payment FAQ.

Yes, you can earn money by posting snaps or videos at snapchat spotlight.

You should be at least 16 years old to receive payment from snapchat spotlight.

  • Kindly mark that above mentioned all the details are written from the currently available policy of snapchat for spotlight payment and it is subject to change any time without any notification by snapchat. So, for reading a latest policy details Click here.

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