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12 Tips for spotlight snaps or videos creation.

Here in this article we going to give you a important tricks and tips for spotlight snaps or videos creation. This will help you to get listing your snap on top at spotlight section of snapchat. Also helping you in gaining subscribers at spotlight and on your snapchat spotlight public profile. use this tips and tricks of spotlight while creating your snaps at spotlight to increase you views.

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Tips for Spotlight snaps or videos creation.

here is the list of most important things that you have to consider before creating your content. follow this tips for spotlight snaps creation.

1. You have to be creative.

First of all, you have to be creative while capturing or creating your snap content and try to give a creative look to your snaps. Think something different than others and create unique snaps. Which attracts peoples likes and shares. Try to highlight your creativity.

2. Use snapchat filters and effects.

While creating your snap create it with the help of snapchat internal features like camera, filters, lenses, captions, GIF and effects.

3. Don’t use images.

Never use image photos, horizontal snaps, blurry snaps and text-only snaps in your spotlight video.

4. Use every second of your snap.

Mark that you can only create maximum of 60 second snaps for spotlight. so, try to complete all of your actions and things in these 60 seconds.

5. Add some background music.

Add some background music in your snaps by using snap creative tools of snapchat.

6. Record using Snapchat camera.

You can post snaps from your camera roll but always try to capture and create your spotlight content using your snapchat app camera.

7. Don’t post duplicate content.

Never post any snaps and videos which are currently available and live on spotlight.

8. Avoid copyright material.

Always post your own created original content in spotlight and use music from licensed library.

9. Create appropriate content.

Always create snaps or videos which is appropriate for a 13+ audience. Never add things which is related to weapons, controlled substances, gambling, tobacco consumption, and excessive or underage alcohol consumption. Don’t try to deceive people in terms of money, science, health, politics, or your identity.

10. Never Solicit anything.

Never try to sell or solicit products or services. Don’t post any sponsored or paid snaps and don’t use attachments or URL in your spotlight snaps.

11. Follow technical specifications.

Create content which is fulfil at least minimum technical specifications of spotlight. which is vertical video with 3:4 minimum aspect ratio, 640 minimum horizontal resolution, and full frame video.

12. Add #topic in your snap.

Post your content with trending and popular hashtags of spotlight. you can easily add ‘#’ at send to page.

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Follow this all tips to create most amazing and entertaining snaps for spotlight and gain your snap likes and your subscribers.

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