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Welcome to ttlyblogs.com, Terms of Use Agreement of ttlyblogs.com website, email and any Content listed on our website. we explaining our terms by you can use our online and/or mobile services. by accessing our site, you are verified that you have read, understood and agree with our terms of use agreement (“Agreement”) you are also agreeing with our privacy policy. this agreement is between the provider(“we”,”us”,”our”) and you. this agreement applies to all register or non-register users, visitors and others who access the service(“user”). This agreement is applying for whole contains and services of ttlyblogs.com.



ttlyblogs.com provide services and contains for adults (18+) only. you must need to be an 18 year of age for access our services if you are not then stop using our services. if you are continuing that means your adult. we are not responsible for any child activity.

User related content

we are allowing our user to create their content on ttlyblogs.com. when a user creating their content on ttlyblogs.com you giving us a complete authorized rights and authorities to share, utilization, showing, copying(duplication), etc… you are agree that you don’t use our services for submitting and liking any content which is damaging the good respect of someone, abusive, hateful, threatening ,spam ,likely to any illegal act, any adult or objectionable content, personal information of others, copyrights infringement, supporting unlawful activity, or any other kind of violation of any laws. we may be reviewing all user contents and uploads. all contents and uploads you are submitting on ttlyblogs.com may be sent to third party verification services. don’t submit your private or confidential contents we are not responsible of miss use of it….


third party services which are linked on ttlyblogs.com like as Facebook, twitter etc. required login for comments and sharing. by login in to third party services you are providing permission to access your private information, name, email, phone number, etc. according to our privacy policy.

Copyrights property right

no one can use ttlyblogs.com content and services without ttlyblogs.com written permission. you can’t copy, transfer, convert, reproduction, decryption and distribution of our content and services.

Reporting for copyright content

ttlyblogs.com always trying to post original and non-copyright content. if you find that your work or content has been copied and pasted in the same way or little bit edited. Then inform us with the following details: –

  1. original information about content
  2. your complete details like as name, mail address, etc…
  3. documents that are proving that you are an original copyright holder and authorize

if you are not able to show above things then you are authorized to act on it.

send your requested information at ttlyblogs@gmail.com we immediately take action on it with respect to copyright law and will remove the content from website…

Third party activity on a website

our website contents may be containing third party website links. this third-party website information that is not in our control. if they are inappropriate and offensive, we are not responsible for it. we are not responsible for any kind of third-party website misleading content. ttlyblogs.com not giving any approval or guarantee for information or products available at third party sites. We don’t indicate any association or relations with third party linked sites….

Changes in agreement

we claim all authority of this agreement. we able to recreate this agreement at any time without any formal notice. this is a most recent updated agreement. by keeping continue using services after new changes made in agreement you have to re-read and revised agreement.

contents, documents and uploads are shown on ttlyblogs.com are thinking of author mind and rumors which are trending in today world we don’t certified any things as truth, right and real. it can be right or wrong. We are not responsible for any things. all responsibilities are users, visitors and viewers….

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