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Snapchat spotlight Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, and available countries.

Are you confused about you are eligible for snapchat spotlight or not? So, here know everything about snapchat spotlight eligibility criteria, terms and conditions of spotlight, and know in which countries were spotlight is available.

Snapchat spotlight eligibility criteria.

here is the list of eligibility criteria of spotlight.

1. According to community guidelines of snapchat.

To makes your snap or video eligible for spotlight you need to create snaps according to community guidelines of snapchat.

Community guidelines of snapchat says:

according to this your snap or video should not be related to and included below things.

  • a sexually explicit content.
  • do not shows the harassment & bullying of any kind.
  • bad treating, violating and harm of any person or animals.
  • Impersonation, Deceptive Practices & False Information.
  • any kind of illegal content.
  • Terrorism, Hate Groups, and Hate Speech.

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2. Stick to the spotlight guidelines, terms of service and spotlight terms and conditions.

Your snap or video must have to stick to the spotlight guidelines, terms of service and spotlight terms and conditions.

To read details about it visit below links.

3. Minimum age.

Snapchat restricted the use of spotlight for age below 13. So, you should be older than 13+ to submit spotlight snaps and videos. In some counties like France, Germany, and Ireland you required 16+ age to submit snap at spotlight.

4. Public Profile.

if you wanted to show your name on spotlight snap or videos you required your public profile. You can easily create snapchat public profile by going to your profile and select create public profile. After creating public profile peoples will started subscribing to your profile for more updates. So, if you want subscribers then you need to create public profile of you.

5. Technical specifications.

Below listed all technical specifications you required to live your snap or video in snapchat spotlight.

  • It’s should be a vertical video with actions and movements. You can’t submit any kind of image video or stable thing video in a continues loop.
  • Video with minimum aspect ratio of 3:4. Prefer 9:16 aspect ratio for full screen video view.
  • Video with minimum horizontal resolution of 640px.
  • Content should be full screen with no letterboxing.
  • Minimum duration of 5 second and you can add maximum duration of 60 second.

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In which countries were snapchat spotlight is available for snapchatters?

Right now, snapchat spotlight is available at below listed countries.

Country list: Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UAE, United Kingdom, United States… more are coming soon.

So, this are the main snapchat spotlight eligibility criteria. Follow this all terms and conditions of snapchat or else you can’t upload your snap or video to spotlight.

Spotlight Eligibility FAQ.

Minimum age required for creating spotlight snaps is 13+. If you belong from France, Germany, and Ireland you required the age of 16+.

No, it not compulsory to have public profile for posting snap at spotlight. if you want subscribers then you required public profile.

Required Minimum aspect ratio of spotlight snap is 3:6.

You required at least 640px horizontal resolution for posting snap or video at spotlight.

You can create minimum 5 second shorter and maximum 60 second longer video or snap at spotlight.

  • Kindly mark that above mentioned all the details are written from the currently available policy of snapchat for spotlight and it is subject to change at any time without any notification by snapchat. So, for reading a latest policy details Click here.

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