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Windows 11 Features and updates: What’s new in windows 11?

let’s check out windows 11 features list, windows 11 updates and some amazing things about windows 11. Finally, Microsoft officially announced windows 11 in there Microsoft event.

Let’s check out the most amazing features of windows 11.

Window 11 features list and Overview.

Below is the short overview of windows 11 features and updates.

  • The new windows 11 comes with fresh and beautiful modern look.
  • New look screen and start animation with new start up sound.
  • Now you can see start menu button in centre of taskbar in windows 11.
  • It’s comes with completely new transparent system UI and beautiful icon transition effect.
  • New redesigned windows themes.
  • Now you can tune contrast in dark mode and light mode of windows.
  • Now all the windows screens, software visuals, menus are come with rounded corner.
  • All new transitions and new user interface give you an awesome user experience.
  • Windows 11 is not only beautiful in look it’s also faster than previous builds.
  • Windows updates are now 40% smaller in size and quickly install in background.
  • Windows 11 is highly power efficient, so it’s gives you a better battery life.
  • Windows 11 is a most secure windows which is ever build.

So, this are the most amazing features and updates of windows 11.

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Windows 11 features and updates detail overview.

here is the detail overview of windows 11 features and updates.

1. New Start menu.


Windows 11 comes with centered layout start menu. Which comes with clean and beautiful optimization. You can find easily anything by search, pinned apps, recommendations as per your need.

You can search from anywhere like PC data, one drive, or web using search bar. Now you can see your recent opened files in every connected device automatically.

2. New Multitasking experience.

As per our requirement we all have to do multitasking sometimes. So, now Microsoft made this thing easy and flexible in windows 11.


Now you can arrange apps screen side by side because of snap ability of windows 11. Snap layout and snap groups will help you to arrange your app screen. Using snap group, you can create a group of apps which you are using together for any project or work. And you can easily switch to this all apps by just clicking on group icon.

You can also create separate desktops and can customise it. So now you can create multiple desktop layout which have a different setup of apps. Like one for work, one for office, one for gaming etc as per your need.

3. integration of Teams.


Now windows teams is directly integrated to windows taskbar. So now you can instantly connect with your friends, family members, employs or group by just one touch. You can text, chat, voice calls and video calls with them from anywhere and from any devices and platforms like windows, android or iOS.

4. Windows Widgets feature.


Finally, now windows come with newly personalized widget feed with beautiful sheet of glass background effect, so it’s doesn’t disrupt your work when you open it. Which is powered by AI so it’s severe you amazing contents from the web to read and know.

You can easily check latest news, weather details and notifications in this widgets area.

5. New PC gaming experience.

We all love playing games on our pc, so we always expect to play games smoothly with higher resolutions. So now in this new update of windows you can play games with superior graphics just because of auto HDR which is automatically update your games lighting and colours to high dynamic range.


It has a new DirectStorage technology which was first pioneered in Xbox series X&S. with this technology your games will be quickly loaded to graphic card without bogging down your CPU. This will improve your game speeds and reduce the game loading times. DirectX 12 ultimate will run your games at high frame rate according to your hardware.

With Xbox gamepass you can access over 100 of high-quality PC games with a minimum monthly charge.

6.  ALL new Microsoft Store.


All new Microsoft store does not come with beautiful design it’s comes with more new apps. Now you can download and use android apps from Microsoft store and can use your favourite app on your pc. You can discover android apps in Microsoft store using the amazon app store. Also, intel bridge technology gives you shameless experience of using this apps.


So now you can use any app on your PC without installing any third-party emulators and software to run android app on your pc.

So, this are the amazing features windows 11 brings with new update. I am really excited to using these whole new windows 11, are you? Stay tuned with us for more updates about windows 11. Have a Good day.

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