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Relations: To love, appreciate and cure.

In your whole, if you met so many people and know so many people too. But from them many of them that you don’t have any relations, casual, close or deep. We have that count of drops people in life that we have an important relationship within life. We all know that that is so important to have a good relationship in life. Yes, you also need to be happy with yourself first.

What is the point of relations?

We all know that human beings can’t live alone, the creators of earth or universe make it that way, if earth needed someone there would be only Adam or Eve, but no there was Adam and Eve. people want someone by their side, in every circumstance, good or bad, yes, people can manage on their own, and that is a very good thing, but if that is for whole life loneliness, no one can’t possibly tolerate that. And the truth is that people need other people that believe in them, care for them, annoy them, and still love them.

“Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.”

The point of relation is s simple, that don’t let your mistakes ruin the most beautiful relations and loved people in your short and previous life.

Why relationships are so important?

Every relation is telling you something, something good or bad about yourself, important is how and what you take from it. Every relation in your life is important because every person we have bonded with emotionally is the core of our feelings, our friends, family. They are the ones who can tell the truth about you because those who love you know more about you than you do. And also they are the ones who can help you to be comfortable with that truth.

an example, you know something very important to you and connected to your life, but no one knows it, but because you love your people so you want them to know as soon as possible, and at that time when you open up about that truth in front of the most important people in your life, you see that ‘yes that was a relief’, and it was happy when even your dear ones support you and understand you.

Having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night is a very old human need.

Margaret Mead

Which relation affects us most?

Mainly our most important relations are our life is our family, friends, colleagues, partners, and ourselves. But the most is depend on us that who, and which people most we are close to.

 Because as a human our emotions are very complex, important, and deep. So we need to take care of it which makes pretty much in our life, and our relations are part of, the most important part of it. And because of that our relations affect us in every aspect of our lives.

 relations affect us because we are connected to others and what makes us all whole is who we are. connected to because anything happens if it bad they are there for your backup and good they are there to be a part of it and make your celebration bright. And that is not all it is also important that who is there to inspire you to be brave, who is there to accept you with your worst, and who is appreciate you to be what and who you want, by not saying what the world would say.

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”

Henry Winkler

But importantly how we treat ourselves, not because the world would be us how we see us, but because of how brave we are to see our faults in us and accept us, so we can accept others as well as, no matter how different they are.  

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