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Human Values : It’s Importance and Basic Human Values.

This Blog is an attempt to explore importance of human values for every individual as well as society. Human society may not significantly sustain without human values. Hence, it is necessary to talk on the subject and bring about awareness of human values into the modern society.

What is Human Values?

Human values manage human relations and peace. Human Values are central to all culture and age, be it in fields of religion, philosophy, ethics or low. It contains mankind’s deepest moral aspirations and form the basis of our lives as individuals and also as societies.

” Excess of knowledge and power without values make human beings devil”

Say for example there’s a person with vast knowledge, power, money everything of comfort but is not capable of understanding values and emotions, then what will happen? That knowledge, that power is a total waste. That person is definitely going to harm another person’s life too!

What is the Importance of Human Value?

Human values are necessity in today’s modern world. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. It helps to decide whether preferences or events are good or bad. Right or wrong, important or not. Using values will always mean going through certain processes like motivation. Human values influence a person’s attitude and behaviour.

What are the Basic Human Values?

Given Below are some of the basic human values which one must have or follow up to become a good personality with good values.

1. Truth:

True happiness is only possible when we realize what we really are! The search for truth requires discernment intuition and introspection.

The truth is unchangeable practising truth means cultivating honesty, sincerity, self-analysis and purity. It defines a person’s soul. So, truth is the most important element of human value that a human must learn and practice itself.

2. Right Conduct:

We all might have heard the saying “Do good see good and be good “is an essence. It is rooted in human’s attitude and habit from early childhood itself and that mature into respect and adherence to the duties and responsibilities that came with one’s life circumstances.

For example: There is a person not obeying or following the rules made by himself/herself. So, do you think it is right? i.e.  a person says something else and does something else.

Friends, no this is not right conduct, if you are defining some rules or you are saying something. You must obey it and also let others to follow it.

3. Peace:

Peace means controlled mind, everyone wants and seeks peace. True peace requires an inner balance regardless of profit or loss, success or failure, pain or pleasure.

 One just need to calm the mind and open the heart, these two most essential steps to gain peace.

4. Love:

Love is unconditional and unselfish care.

The human value of love can be best be expressed by all-pervading life energy. In other words, this value has nothing to do with emotion and passionate feelings or desire. Love refers to something much deeper in the human nature. Love is actually kindness, caring, and compassion.

5. Non-Violence:

Means respect for life and recognition of rights of others. It is actually expressed when all human values are understood. Non-violence is the state of mind in which one recognizes the unity within the apparent diversity.

If the ethical principles of non-violence embraced as a means to world peace then we can find global harmony.


Don’t just be a human full of knowledge, power, asserts, or money. But also have some values. Without values everything is useless. Do learn and practice good Human Values i.e., be kind and honest. Don’t have values that spoils your life instead.

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