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Overthinking Kills your happiness Meaning.

“Overthinking”, we all think before doing any thing or taking any decisions. But sometimes we think about one thing again and again so we can’t come on particular decision or conclusion and we got confused at that time and situation and that will affect your mental health.

Simple definition of overthinking is “To think about something and situation again and again for long time”.

Overthinking Kills your happiness Meaning.

“Overthinking Kills your happiness” means when you think more about anything and situation so you can’t get a proper solution, decision or conclusion about anything and situation. So, at that time it will affects your mind, and you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with your decisions. That’s why we can say that overthinking will kills your happiness.

Situations when we do overthink.

Here are some examples of situations when we do overthink.

1. Overthinking about future.

We all think about our future and worried about it. Because we all want a bright and successful future. So, when we have to take some decisions which is related to our future and will gonna effect our future at that time we think lot more about taking it or doing anything. So always be positive while you are taking any decisions about future.

2. Overthinking about health.

Recently we are overcoming from the situation of covid-19 and more peoples are dies in this pandemic just because of weak immunity. That’s gives us a reason to think about our health and immunity. So sometimes we think too much when we have a normal health problem and felt like we have a very big health issue, and we will gonna die. At that time, you will loss your hope of leaving and it will affect your physical health and mood. So never overthink about any health issue because that’s gives you a power for fighting against it.

3. Overthinking about past events.

Yes, we all had a bad experiences in our past life. But just because that bad experiences of past events and discissions you no need to spoil your present. Because sometimes we think about it again and again so we can’t focus on any particular thing. So, we lost ourselves in that past event and that’s makes us sad and gives us a depression. Always forgot about your past and stop thinking about it then you can happily enjoy your present moments.

4. Overthinking about someone.

we all are humans, and we are leaving with humans so it’s obvious that we met too many peoples in our daily life some are known, or some are unknown, some are good, or some are bad. So, it is not necessary to think about any particular person or everyone. Because not every person is same. If someone hurts you that doesn’t mean that everyone will. so never think too much about anyone and be clear about everyone.

So, this are the main situations when we do overthink in our daily life.

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Effects and Disadvantages of overthinking.

There are many effects and disadvantages of overthinking. Mostly it will affect your mental health and that because of mental situation we sometimes affect our physical health it is an biggest disadvantage of overthinking.

so, let’s see some effects of overthinking on you.

  1. it’s gives you confusion about doing anything or taking any decisions.
  2. it’s gives you a headache.
  3. you stated be in depression just because thinking about anything again and again.
  4. you stated losing your confidence and trust on yourself and abilities.
  5. started feeling alone.
  6. can’t focus on things and situations.
  7. losing your control over your mind.
  8. can’t be able to sleep.
  9. always been sad and unsatisfied.
  10. in some case peoples starts physically hurting their self.

How to overcome from overthinking?

Overthinking is not an any diseases it’s just and mental disorder. So, you can’t solve it by taking any medicines.

For overcoming from overthinking first of all you have to control your mind and thoughts. you have to stay positive about your thinking and decisions. You have to trust yourself and abilities. You have a believe on yourself and always feels happy from you. If you can’t be able to take any particular decision or been confused about any thing then start taking suggestions of people who you trust more.

You can’t overcome from overthinking in few days or months. It’s requires years to improve your control over your thinking and mind. So, you can do some daily life exercise to improve your focus and mental health of your mind.

Exercise you can do to overcome from overthinking.

Here are some daily life exercises that you can do to overcome form overthinking and improve your mental health. this exercise will improve your focus and control of your mind. It’s makes it fresh and light.

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Running and light workout.

These three exercises you can do to overcome from overthinking.

So, that’s why we can say that overthinking will kills your happiness and make you a different person then you are. so never think too much about anything and situations for leaving an happy life. Have a good day.

Overthinking FAQ.

Simple definition of overthinking is “To think about something and situation again and again for long time”.

Overthinking on anything and situation is bad. Because it is good to think before doing anything but thinking again and again about it then you got confused about it so it’s bad.

No overthinking is not a disease it’s just and mental disorder. You can’t overcome from it by taking any medicines the only way of overcoming from it is to control your mind and thought.

Yes, obviously you can overcome from overthinking by controlling your mind and thought. To increase your mind power, you can do some exercises like meditations, yoga and running to overcome from it.

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