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5 fantastic vegan foods to boost Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that your body need and produces itself when exposed to sunlight. But today does your hectic schedule allows you to spend your early morning time to get enough sunlight?  Almost on the large scale, the answer will be no.

Talking about Indian people, there are highly Vitamin D deficient. In scientific survey it is proved that 50% world’s population may not get enough sunlight and as a conscious it leads to deficiency of vitamin D in your body. There are several foods that helps you in filling your body with enough nutrient. You just have to include these foods in your diet to boost Vitamin D in your body.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is also referred as calciferol. It is also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’. Which produced naturally when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike to the skin and trigger the vitamin D synthesis. it is a crucial fat-soluble vitamin that is required for optimum growth, immune system, healthy metabolic functions and for bone health. This sunshine vitamin is naturally presents in few foods and daily consumption of it may lead you to overcome this deficiency.

Which vegan/vegetarian foods contain vitamin D?

This essential vitamin can be largely found  in non-vegan foods. While talking about vegan people, sunlight can be the best source for them to get boost vitamin D in their body.

But as we know that our hectic life or so to speak our habit of waking up late in the morning, can’t allow our body to absorb this essential vitamin from early sunlight. In such condition fortified foods can be your saviour.

We have foods like fortified orange juice, Fortified plant-based milk, tofu, Spinach and yogurt, which contain a good amount of vitamin D nutrients.

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1. Fortified Orange Juice.

Though the natural orange juices don’t contain a high amount of vitamin D in it, fortified orange juice can help you in filling the recommendable vitamin d nutrient value of your body. One cup of fortified orange juice can help you in adding up to 137 IU of vitamin D to your daily routine. If you don’t like it in juice form, you can consume it in a raw form. In every way this fruit helps you in filling your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Fortified plant based milk.

Nowadays many fortified plant based milks are available in the market, easily you can include them in your diet. Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, cashew milk has been fortified with vitamin D2. A cup of fortified plant based milk contains around 5 mcg, which helps in filling 25% of recommendable nutrient need of your body.

3. Tofu.

Tofu is also known as bean curd which is prepared from soy milk. Fortified tofu can be a good source of vitamin D. Equally it contains a high amount of protein that helps you in nourishment of your skin and hair.

4. Spinach.

Spinach is a versatile food that everyone likes to have in their diet. It is proven a great source to get vitamin D and other minerals, due to these properties spinach is known as a superfood. Daily consumption of a cup of cooked spinach helps you in fulfilling the 25% of the daily recommended vitamin D in your body. This leafy green veggie is also rich in fibre, vitamin A and in iron.

5. Yogurt based drinks.

Yogurt is a convenient and healthy food which can be consumed plain or with fresh fruit. Considering it’s nutrient value, it provides 80 IU per serving, that means you can have a good amount of vitamin D from yogurt. Nowadays many yogurt based drinks are available in the market, you can have those in your diet but don’t forget to look at the mentioned nutrient value before buying them.

As I mentioned earlier, sunshine is a good source of vitamin D. It doesn’t mean that you can have to sit in the noon under the sun to get vitamin D. In the early morning 6 to 7 am is believed to be the best time for getting vitamin D, as sun rises the exposure to sunlight seems harmful for the body.

Take good care of your body and include above mentioned five fantastic foods in your diet to fulfil the vitamin D requirements of your body.

Vitamin D FAQ:

Normal vitamin D level range is 20 to 40 ng/ml (nanograms per millilitre) on the bases of experts recommendation.


Generic name of vitamin D is Cholecalciferol.

Sun light is a greatest source of vitamin D.

Yes, morning sun is good for vitamin D from 7am to 9am. After that sunlight is harmful for your skin and body.

Sun light is stronger between 10 Am to 4 Pm so, this time period is harmful for your skin and body.

Yes it is good to sit in sun light between 6 am to 9 pm in morning and 5:30 pm to 7 pm in evening when sunlight is orange colour.

fortified orange juice, Fortified plant-based milk, tofu, Spinach and yogurt are the highest vitamin D foods which have good amounts of nutritions also.

You can boost vitamin D in your body by adding this foods in your daily diet plan. Which is fortified orange juice, Fortified plant-based milk, tofu, Spinach and yogurt.

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