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Kindness is the thing that everyone can afford and should have it.

kindness is the major reason that you are a human being, other animal and creature have it, but in case of human, the human being is much more intelligent than other, but not only intelligence make human a human being, there other important things that consider being human. And one of the important is kindness.

What is kindness?

Kindness, one of the important feelings and qualities that human beings must have.

Kindness is the ability to know what the right thing to do is and having the courage to do it!!” – RAKtivist

What is real kindness?

You remember when in real life or movie or show when that person does something good and kind for others, how we love to watch it and feel good by it, and that’s the point as you feeling good just by watching it, think how grateful that person feel by receiving it and the person who’s doing it. Maybe there is no selfless good deed, but there is at least a good deed.

Don’t forget that there is no such thing u can not do anything about it, there is always a little bit part of it u can do something about it if u think u can, if you think that you can not save the world, that’s not entirely true, you can save, protect and help to make world batter, save that one tree, water that nearly lifeless plant to revive it, help someone or something no matter how small it is because it still matters that you try to give existence to that.

No matter what, if u can even a little bit then does it, don’t think that I can not do anything, just because you can not do something big. if you can help a little then do it, because it’s worth it when the person you help inspires and do kind and good for someone, and that person will inspire and put their little bit afford to do kind.

The thing is you can’t save everything and everyone, but that one tree, one person, that one animal, whatever it is important to you, then do it,  important is that you are working a lot to make things better.

Why Does kindness matters?

Even in Hindu Granth says that every life matter and kindness is very important.

Charity in Hinduism is known as dana, which means ‘giving’, or Seva, which means ‘selfless service. For Hindus, charity is not done to get something back, but to live out pure goodness.

And it’s not about you doing something about it, then doing nothing, but it’s about everyone always can do something about things. After all, we can do much more and get better.

We know that everyone have not time for this, or maybe money, but do as little as you can, because trust me that your little is not only yours, if everyone do their little effort for that, which might not seen, but that will make big difference.

How to help?

In this times like corona, many people want to help others but they held back by fear of if they get positive too, and that’s right, but it’s not that how much you help, it’s how you help, mentally and financially, if someone having problems to finding a hospital room and if you can do that for them then do that, get them meal, make them laugh, help them in work if you can by maintaining  your distance, there are many ways to do kind.

If you start caring for things that need to taken care of you see that you are already kind.

The thing is we all know all this, what to do and why, but real question is how many of us willing to do something kind for someone.

So, just start showing your kindness for that things matters to you.

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