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Fools wait for a lucky day.

Hello readers, I am back with my new blog to motivate you and help you reach your goal. Are you fools do you wait for lucky day?


Fools wait for lucky day where as the people who is dedicated to their work takes everyday as an opportunity to do something big or to learn something from what they do.

Let me explain how you are been fools and waiting for a lucky day.

Fools think success is achieved only on lucky day

Success is neither about lucky days nor about just thinking and debating. Success is a result which we can only pursue with our hard work, dedication, complete motivation and indefatigable.


You cannot get success if you wait for lucky day but you could reach success if you believe you can “making your own luck.”

But we all know execution is so hard for start-ups!

But WHY???

The main reason behind it is:

  • You don’t know how to start and from where to start which you like
  • You always gather less details about what you want to do.
  • You underestimate the amount of hard work required to achieve success.

There are many people out there who quit just before reaching the success thinking they are unlucky with that or they can’t do it. But the truth is you left when you were about to get the result and success for your hard work. You left when you were about to make “your own luck.

What to do to achieve success?

Firstly, never wait for a lucky day because when you learn something new that day you become lucky and if you don’t learn new things at least you took one step towards success.

Secondly, put in all your effort and always stay dedicated, committed and enthusiastic towards your goal. This is how you achieve success rather waiting for lucky day.

So, now stop waiting for lucky day and start working every day. Thank you for reading my article and comments your views below. Stay tuned for more.

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