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Monday, June 24, 2024

A portrait of dark me.

Hello readers! Here, I pen down what an actual ambivert life like. A soul completely destroyed by the agony of society n fakeness.

The heart-breaking incidents that leave a happy-go-lucky person become an overthinker.

I out-throw a call to all those intending to burst out the frustration inside them. I believe, “the one who left, never wanted to stay. So, the ones who come, never get my trust!”

I may sound cruel, but that soul inside me, trying to bloom like an orchid, again needs freedom. Freedom from the chaos of downfall. From memories that backened me from a happy life. I have no freaking idea about why this happened!? But now that it has happened, let’s focus on how to fix it.

Went out your stories.

The best way is to write it. Language doesn’t matter. With each minute detail, draft a powerful piece that no part of your body regrets to not have cried out your emotions loud.

Your writings can be private; but never judge them. They are the by-products of what life gave you. Be it happy, beautiful or cruel, dark.

Just trust the process.

Universe has a process. What it gives has a lesson. When it gives, is a symbol. What you recieve, is your fate. But how you live, is your strength. Just try looking at what fetches you out of problems rather than crying over a problem. Problems are not huge, if you’re strong enough.

Be thankful.

All that you have may not be good. But all good that you have is not bad. Try observing good in little things. People forget to notice what is most important because they’re awestruck. Don’t do that mistake. You’re worth being a beautiful chapter rather than just a common quote. 

Start working.

You build, what you decide. So, start a plan and execute it with those powerful hands. Remember, they have a brilliant brain and a confident soul to guide.

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