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Postpe App – Reviews and All important Details.

In this article we gonna explain about what Is Postpe app and it’s all important details. like, how to use it, Postpe owner and company details, how you can apply for Postpe credit card? How to download? Eligibility criteria and reviews.

Now a day you are seeing an advertisement about Postpe app on tv and internet as a buy now, pay later app. Which provides you a credit card for shopping and your daily money spends.

So, let’s have look on all details about Postpe app and its reviews. You must need to know this all details before applying and sing up on this app.

What is Postpe app?

Postpe app is a buy now pay later app which provides you a credit limit to spend it at anywhere online or offline. You can simply apply for it and get instant credit limit up to 10 lakhs at No charges and zero joining and annual fees. This app is also providing cashback and offers on each transaction and spend. They are also providing you an EMI option for your bill payment.

Postpe Company Profile and Contact Details.

Owner And CEOBharatPe (Ashneer Grover)
Banking PartnerRBL Bank and SBM bank
Official websitehttps://postpe.app/
Email IDhelp@postpe.app
AddressBharatPe, A45, 2nd floor, corner market, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi -110017.
Customer care numberNot available
Social mediaFacebook Instagram Twitter YouTube
* All the details are collected from available sources kindly make sure before using it.

How you can use Postpe?

You can use postpe for both online and offline transactions to spend it anywhere anytime. Like,

  • By scanning QR code (only at BharatPe Merchants).
  • You can do online transaction with virtual credit card.
  • Also you can order physical credit card to do offline transactions at petrol pumps, hotels, grocery stores and any POS transactions.

What are the benefits of using postpe?

Postpe is a completely new concept which makes your shopping and spending experience easier. Let’s see benefits of it.

  • Use it at anywhere and anytime at online and offline transactions.
  • Also, can pay by QR code scanning at BharatPe merchant.
  • You can convert outstanding about into EMI with term of your choice.
  • You can earn exciting cashback and rewards.
  • Credit card with no hidden charges, zero joining fees and zero annual fees.
  • Anyone above 18 can apply.
  • Levy additional surcharges at fuel stations, petrol pump, liquor stores etc.

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Postpe hidden charges.

Well, every company have a very long terms and condition list in this list they describe some charges that you actually don’t know at the time of applying. Here we are showing you a list of some hidden charges of Postpe credit card app that company not showing on website and advertisements.

  • Late payment fees of 0.1% for each day on the amount due starting from the date of bill generation.
  • EMI interest rate of 1.5% per month.
  • 2% convenience fee for transferring money into bank account.
  • 2% convenience fees when you send and transfer money to your friends.
  • ₹200 for replacement or reissue of your lost and broken card.

Currently this are the charges are applying on Postpe cards. We will update it if there any extra will apply and it is subject to change.

How to apply and sign up at Postpe app?

Applying for postpe credit card is very easy and simple process which takes only few minutes to complete your application and provides you an instant virtual credit card. Let’s see how.

  • Download and install Postpe app from Play store or Appstore.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter all require details name, email, address etc.
  • Complete your e-KYC using your PAN card and Aadhaar Number.
  • Wait for few minutes instant approval.
  • Done.

Rewards and Cashback of Postpe credit card.

Postpe comes with exciting rewards and cashback offer that will helps you to save you money on every transaction you do. Let’s see how you can earn rewards and cashback using postpe.

  • You can earn cashback by referring your friends. On 1 successful reference you will get 1% cashback of your present month spend up to Rs 1000 or 5% which is lover. So, if you refer 5 friends then you can get 5% cashback of your monthly spend or max Rs1000. Next month it will start new cycle from 0% and you can refer more friends to get cashback.
  • 50% cashback upto ₹200 on your first offline transaction.
  • 50% cashback upto ₹80 on your first online transaction.
  • Get 10% to 50% discount in exclusive offer for online website and app like Swiggy, PharmEasy, TataCliq, Redbus, Oyo, Boat, Myntra etc…

Genuine review of Postpe app.

Well as per our experience, research and experience we suggest that you can apply for postpe app. Because it is completely new and unique concept that’s provides you paying using QR code. Also not applying any surcharges at petrol pump and liquor shops. Offering you an exciting rewards and cashback on every transaction. Most important thing is that all the services are free without any hidden charges, zero joining fees and zero annual fees.

Postpe credit card Kit unboxing?

Postpe credit card delivery kit is very delicate and simply designed without any extra documents and manuals. When you unbox, it you will get a one credit card with an activation QR code. There were a no extra terms and conditions manuals and papers inside the box. All the terms and conditions are mentioned on website are same.

Postpe Credit card bill payment Feature.

Recently postpe started credit card bill payment features in their app. By this feature you can pay all banks credit card bills. So, let discuss out this feature and you should pay your credit card bill from postpe app or not?

 How can you pay your credit card bill?

You can easily pay you credit card bill from your postpe app.

  • Select credit card bill payment option from home screen.
  • Select or add your credit card.
  • Enter amount.
  • Choose your payment option from debit card, net banking, or UPI.

Pros and cons of postpe credit card bill payment.


  • You can pay bill of any bank credit card.
  • Earn 1% cashback upto ₹1000 which you can use to pay your postpe bill.


  • Takes 4 working days to reflect in your account.

Postpe Vs Cred credit card bill payment.

Well, if you are confusing between selection of cred and postpe to pay your credit card bill let me help you to clear about it. See postpe gives you a 1% cashback as a postpe credit not instant credit card credit as per other and Cred gives instant cash back which is directly credited to in your account.

On the other end Cred instantly credit your payment amount in your credit card but on the other end postpe takes 4 working days to credit your payment amount in your credit card. So, it’s a risk to skip your credit card due date. We suggest you to select Cred rather than Postpe.

Final words

Well, postpe credit card bill payment features provide you 1% cashback on your bill payment but on the other end you can only use this cashback to pay your Postpe Bills this cashback will not credit in your account.

Also, it’s takes 4 working days to reflect in your account. It is very long when you have to pay your credit card bill before a one day or on the day of due date. Here is a possibility of failed transaction or late deposit and just because of it you have to pay late payment charges.

So, we suggest you that right now don’t use postpe to pay your credit card currently prefer ant direct source like from your bank account or cred.

Our Rating

Postpe FAQ:

Postpe app is owned by Bhartpe and its CEO is Ashneer Grover.

you can get minimum ₹2000 to maximum ₹10 lac credit limit on completing your full KYC.

You can increase your postpe credit limits by continues use of postpe for transactions and making repayment time to time without any dues.

You have to at least 18years old to apply and get postpe card.

yes, postpe have a hidden charge but it’s only apply if you don’t pay your bill before due date and convert your bill to EMI.

Billing cycle of postpe is start on the first day of month and ends at the last day of month. That means you can use your credit for 30/31 days or 28 days for Feb.

Postpe offers you 5 days to settle all your last month dues and bill. After that they will apply charges and late payment fees.

You can convert your postpe bill in 3 to 6 months EMIs and interest will charge according to your amount and timing at the time of creation.

If you convert your bill into EMI, then you have to pay a 1.5% rate of interest per month.

If you do not pay your bill before due date then you will be charge late fee of 0.1% levied for each day starting from the date of bill generation on the amount due.

You can earn upto ₹1000 as a cashback for a one month billing cycle. Next month it’s starts from zero.

You can easily pay your postpe bills using postpe app. Simply open a app and click “Pay Now” or “Clear Dues” on the home screen and chose between paying now or converting to EMI. You can pay via several options like UPI, debit card or net banking.

No, you can’t make transaction by scanning UPI Qr code. Postpe qr code scanner only works at postpe registered merchants.

Your postpe account will be suspend if you are not able to pay your outstanding dues within a period of 6 days from the date of payment.

No, you can’t withdraw your credit limit or postpe balance from ATM machine.

Yes, postpe is a registered company with the reserve bank of India and created with the partnership with NBFCs and banks.

Yes applying for postpe is completely safe because postpe is created in partnership with NBFCs and banks that are registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

yes postpe is a credit card app because this app provides you a virtual and physical visa prepaid card that you can use for all of your online and offline transactions.

Postpe office is at New Delhi and its address is “BharatPe, A45, 2nd floor, corner market, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi -110017, India”.

There were a no customer care number is available of Postpe app they only have an helping email id which is “help@postpe.app”.

Postpe provides you a Visa prepaid card from SBM bank and RBL Bank.

Given details are subject to change by company anytime so read the latest offers and conditions by visiting official website of postpe before apply.

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