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BizGurukul Reviews- Another scam like Ebiz.com?

Now a day a Company name BizGurukul.com is expanding their network in India by the help of providing higher affiliate marketing commission on each sell. But before joining Bizgurukul.com kindly know this details that what is BizGurukul? Reviews, it’s fake or not, details of BizGurukul courses and fees, benefits, company profile and founders, earning and joining fees, what is affiliate marketing?

After seen lots of stories and post on Instagram were everyone is saying that earn 20k to 50k in a month or more by joining our affiliate programs. A it’s a very socking thing I found that most of the youngsters are promoting BizGurukul affiliate programs. So, basically our youth and future of our country is misleading by this company. So, before joining it what is an actual affiliate marketing? And what you are doing in BizGurukul.com.

 Let’s know everything about BizGurukul.

What is BizGurukul?

So basically, in the word of founder of BizGurukul they are representing their company as a e-learning platform that provides skill development courses. Which is related to career, business development, entrepreneurship, and how to earn money using social media.

They show them as a genuine company by providing a registration details of company according to law of India. Mark that anyone can do business in India by registering their company according to law of India it’s not a big thing to have registered company.

After buying their courses they provide you an opportunity to earn higher commission by selling their courses and they are calling it “affiliate marketing”. So basically, this all stupid chutiyapa of courses is only for representing that they are giving you a professional learning courses for your skill development and at the end sell their courses to other peoples and earn commission.

So, this is a truth of BizGurukul that you are only earning by selling there courses not from skills you learn and developed from there courses.

Company profile.

NameBizGurukul Private Limited
Incorporation date26 May 2020
FounderRitwiz Tiwari (Co-Founder, CEO), Rohit Kumar Sharma (Co-Founder, Business Head), Ritesh Tiwari.
Address118C, G/F KH No. 5/18 Sainik Enclave, D Block, Nr. CRPF Camp, New Delhi-110043.
Email IDinfo@bizgurukul.com
According to available sources.

What is affiliate Marketing?

Before joining and doing affiliate marketing of BizGurukul courses first know that what is actual affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money (as a form of Commission) by selling or referring anyone to buy any product or service. There are lots of big companies are using this affiliate marketing strategy to sell their product and services. One of them is Amazon Affiliate.

 BizGurukul is also using this same strategy but here is main difference between other affiliate programs and BizGurukul affiliate program that you no need to pay any money to join affiliate network of amazon or any other affiliate programs but in BizGurukul you have to buy there courses to join there affiliate program for earning money(commission).

Now you got my point.

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Courses and Price (Fees).

Here is the list of courses provided by BizGurukul for joining their affiliate program.

 1. Gold Course.

List of courses you get in package of gold course.

  • Advance Personality Development.
  • Video Superstar.
  • Facebook messenger marketing.
  • Digital marketing mastermind.
  • Instagram Mastermind.
  • Spoken English mastery.

Price of Gold Course: ₹ 3499.

2. Sapphire Course.

List of courses you get in package of Sapphire course.

  • All courses of Gold course.
  • Advance Instagram masterminds.
  • Facebook ads mastermind.
  • YouTube mastermind.
  • Google Ads.
  • Excel Mastery.

Price of Sapphire course: ₹ 5999.

3. Platinum Courses.

List of courses you get in package of platinum courses.

  • All courses of Sapphire course.
  • Master Public Speaker.
  • Copywriting Mastermind.
  • Content writing.

Price of Platinum Course: ₹ 9999.

This are the courses they are providing to join their affiliate program. According to today date.

Affiliate Commissions.

BizGurukul is providing you commission according to your course enrolment.

That means,

1. If you are enrolled with Gold then you get commission on every sell.

  • Gold: 2000
  • Sapphire: 2000
  • Platinum: 2000

2. If you are enrolled with Sapphire then you get commission on every sell.

  • Gold: 2000
  • Sapphire: 4000
  • Platinum: 4000

3. If you are enrolled with platinum then you get commission on every sell.

  • Gold: 2000
  • Sapphire: 4000
  • Platinum: 7000

So basically they are playing with your mind that if you need more commission on every sell then enrol with platinum of else if you enrolled with gold then all the selling profit of sapphire and platinum courses goes to company.

BizGurukul courses are worthy? 

Not at all, this all courses are overpricing because company is providing higher affiliate commission to the person who sell their courses using affiliate link. These courses are very basic courses you can easily find it free on YouTube.com without paying any penny.

You no need to buy these expensive courses to learn all this skills and personality improvements. You can easily find BizGurukul courses for free by searching similar course name in google search.

Similarity between Ebiz.com scam and BizGurukul.

Before joining BizGurukul kindly search for Ebiz.com scam in google. You will know that in past history a company called Ebiz had cheated with lots of youngsters and peoples by selling same kind of technical courses at the price of ₹ 20000.

After joining Ebiz you have to sell there courses to other and they are paying you a higher commission on every sells with Multi-level marketing strategy and today the founder of Ebiz.com “Pawan Malhan” in jail for cheating lots of people for selling basic courses at very high price. Ebiz destroyed too many youth’s life and courier by showing them many big dreams of success and achievements.

Same here BizGurukul is using this same strategy with some changes and innovative way. At the time of Ebiz they sell their courses offline and now BizGurukul is selling their courses online by giving it a name of “Affiliate marketing” with paying weekly direct commission per sell. They are not using MLM (Multi-level marketing) strategy.

BizGurukul Earning truth.

 Yes, it’s true that you can earn money by joining bizgurukul but mark my words that you are not developing and growing any technical skills to earn money. You are only earning money by selling their courses. Visit anyone’s profile who are saying you that I am earning 20k, 50k whatever in month, all their income comes from the bizgurukul courses sell nothing else. This is an easy money it will not stays longer.

BizGurukul Honest reviews.

 As per my research and experience I am going to write this review as my point of view.

  • it is not an any kind of business or work. Just sell their expensive courses and they will earn money from it and gives you a higher commission as a part of income.
  • All the courses listed on there list is easily available for free on YouTube and other websites.
  • There courses are very expensive.
  • They will show you a big dreams of luxury lifestyles.
  • Makes you big promises about your future.
  • Today you are earning from it, but you will not be earning from its lifetime.

So, before joining bizgurukul kindly mark my points and be brave rather than a stupid. There are lots of ways to earn money by your skills and hard work. So, focus on your studies, business or work rather than falling in this kind of well-planned programs.

BizGurukul FAQ.

BizGurukul is legally registered company but that doesn't mean that you can trust on it. In India anyone can register their business by providing legal documents for registration.

Ritwiz Tiwari (Co-Founder, CEO), Rohit Kumar Sharma (Co-Founder, Business Head), Ritesh Tiwari are founder of BizGurukul.

Yes according to fact BizGurukul is a professionally created legal scam. which using latest words like affiliate marketing to sell their expensive courses at higher commission.

anyone can earn money by joining BizGurukul because it's nothing just an selling of expensive courses and earn commission on it. but first you have to pay them for joining their affiliate program.

No BizGurukul is not multi level marketing company but they are using same concept and providing commission of direct sell. because now a day peoples are not trusting of network marketing.

yes obviously you can feel legal FIR or complaint if think that the courses you bought from BizGurukul is not worthy or expensive according to law of India. you can complaint at national consumer forum helpline for it or else if you need more information about it comment below i will write complete article on it with all legal steps.

Mark that BizGurukul only provides refund within a 24 hours of purchase after 24 hours they will not pay you any refund. for refund you have to mail on "refunds@bizgurukul.com" email id and they will refund your money after deducting 2% payment gateway fees and 5% processing fees.

A Big Nooo, this is my personal suggestion because BizGurukul is not giving you anything rather than expensive courses to sell it with your family members, relatives, social media followers, friends or unknown. they will gives you a 60-70% commission from the money which comes from your friends, relatives, family members or others and all the other money goes to the pocket of BizGurukul founders.

No, not at all BizGurukul only has a short term future like Ebiz.com. one day it will gonna end.

Not at all working at or working with bizgurukul is not safe. Because are not providing basics courses at very higher price and doing their business by providing higher affiliate marketing commission.

No there were a very less chance of getting jobs on the base of Bizgurukul courses completion certificate.

Bizgurukul is a completely fake company which is doing business by providing higher affiliate commission. Their courses are very basics and expensive.

Bizgurukul is just a new company so in starting anything will works. After some time, peoples will understand their strategies and manipulating way of earning income. At that time all the things will end.

You have nothing to do in Bizgurukul. Just sell their expensive products on higher price and earn higher commission on it.

There is a no value of Bizgurukul certificate in market or in leading IT companies. Because their courses are very basics, expensive and not much valuable.

Not at all Bizgurukul is not safe because they are selling basics courses at very high price like Ebiz.com. but today the founder of ebiz in jail for cheating with peoples. So, one day it has possibility of a legal action against this company activities.

No Bizgurukul is not a genuine company. Because they are selling basics courses at very higher price and providing affiliate commission.

No there where a no career and future at Bizgurukul. Because this kind of company runs until government and peoples takes legal actions against them and one day they will be end.

Working at Bizgurukul is not good thing. Because you are fooling peoples by selling their basics courses at very higher price. And mostly you will sell it and share it with your friends, family members and relatives so it will create bad image of you in their mind.

Absolutely No Bizgurukul is not a trusted company because they are fooling peoples by selling basics courses at very higher price. Some of the stupid youngsters are supporting them for earing higher income.

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