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What is Mandala Art? traditional and modern uses.

Mandala Art” it’s an art form which is the most popular and historical art of India. It’s an ancient art form of India. Peoples of India are using this art form in creating some of the best and creative art forms.

Let’s know everything about this ancient “Mandala Art”.

What is mandala art?

So basically, this word “Mandala” come from the India’s ancient language Sanskrit. Where the meaning of this word “Mandal” is circle in English. Now you got an idea about this art that is something related to circle.

it is a combination of different different small patterns which is ended in the shape of circle. You can see in below picture how I drawn a sketch with the technique of “Mandala art”.


Art by drawn with this technique is looks so attractive and you will gonna fall in love with this art. Circle formatted using mandala art is the inter connection of small patterns that gives a unique look to this art.

History of Mandala Art.

This art is a part of ancient Indian cultures like Hindu and Baudh dharm. This art is mostly created in Tibet region of India. You can also find this art in china, japan, Bhutan, and Indonesia.

This art is very ancient and it’s preforming since 4th century and now it’s popular worldwide.


Traditional use of Mandala art.

Traditionally mandala art is use for energy healing and meditation. It’s a symbol of meditation. In a tradition way it drawn by the sand or with beans. You can also find mandala art pattern on dream catcher. It’s helps you in having a good sleep.

Modern use of mandala art.

Today’s modern peoples accepted this ancient art and started using it in too many different modern ways. Most of the yoga organizations use this art as a symbol of meditation and also teach peoples to draw mandala art as a part of meditation.

Peoples also drawing this art on walls, fabrics, and in paintings for decorating their house interiors. You can also find this art on tea/coffees mugs and vessels.

You can draw this art at anywhere on anything. Mandala art patterns also gives attractive look as a tattoo, so some peoples also prefer this art as a tattoo.


So, this are the basic details about mandala art, and it’s uses.

I am drawing this art since too many years and it’s my personal experience that it’s really helping me in meditation and sleep. This helps me to improve my creativity. So never forgot this cultural ancient art and start drawing this art in your free time.

Thank you for reading my article. Don’t forget to share it if you like it and comment your views below. Stay tune more articles have a great day.

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