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Equality: Gender equality, Social Equality.

Hello readers! Equality- the word has a different meaning for everyone. The basic idea of Equality is opinions, credits, rights, and respect for all. May it be in gender, race, culture, caste, religion, money or background(socially). I suggest, everyone should stand up for themselves. It is not wrong to seek equality. If you have worked hard, desired something desperately and you are not provided what you deserve, fight for yourself.

“Nobody except you will stand strong for you.”

Embrace the beauty of your soul. Realise your worth. Seek justice for your hard work and follow your passion. Don’t let the voices of discriminators evolve. Stand for equal rights. Nobody is born to be ill-treated. Everyone has their own importance, their own talent.

If nobody does, you should trust yourself. Stay confident. Because, the world may take your success story as an inspiration! Don’t let your gender or your race define you. Show the world,

“what defines a person is his values, will power and soul! Not their opinions.”

Let’s look into major phases where,

Equality needs to be established:

Gender based equality: voice for females!

  • When females no longer need the permission to follow their passion.
  • When they get support for what they do and not judgments of them being weak.
  • When females earning more than males is normalized.
  • When they’re not just seen as sexual body but seen as a human.
  • They should be valued for who they are.
  • Their role in the society must be recognized and respected.
  • Benefits and respect by controlling overall idea of discrimination.
  • Punishment to those who harm the normal survival of females.
Equality: Gender equality, Social Equality

Rich or poor

  • Sitting in a 5-star restaurant is not the only thing you can do, you may go to any dhaba or street food.
  • Village life is not a barrier for some job. Getting admissions into colleges is fair (not by payment.)
  • There are cases of ill treatment by rich people. Those who work as waiters or cleaners are humans too.
  • Normalise respect to a person as humans and not their money or power.
Equality: Gender equality, Social Equality

Caste and religion

  • People separate two lovers just because their caste or religious backgrounds are not same.
  • This thing should be driven off.
  • Differences in lifestyle should not lead to Differences in bonds.
  • Sitting with a different caste person is not a sin.

“Social and cultural importance of a religion may be different, but there is only one goal- praise that Supreme power and thank him for the gift of life.”

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you like it. Share it with your friends. Comment down your views. Spread words. Smile more. Happy reading. God blesses.

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