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Dogecoin: A Meme and a Cryptocurrency, overview, price

This bull market Dogecoin has gained popularity amongst newbies in the Crypto space and reached all time high. But where did it comes from? and what is the future of Dogecoin?

Today Dogecoin price in India is ₹28.45INR and $0.435274 US Dollar.

Let’s have a look of Dogecoin history, analysis, future, and relations with bitcoin.

Who is the founder of Dogecoin?

Doge was originally formed as a joke or meme, created by IBM software engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer. The name and the logo of Dogecoin was taken from the popular Doge Meme at the time.

official Website: dogecoin.com


Fact of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a version of Luckycoin, which is itself a fork of Litecoin (and for those who don’t know, Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin). The Dogecoin blockchain can process roughly 30 transactions per second (TPS). Each Dogecoin transaction cost approximately 1 cent USD.

  1.  Price of the coin: $0.51 (current price, it may be different all the time because of market conditions).
  2.  Market Cap. (the total value of cryptocurrency): $66.1 billion.
  3.  Available supply (total available coins): $129.6 billion.
  4.  Maximum supply (total coins that will ever exist): Unlimited supply.

How to Strat with Dogecoin?

1. Download your Wallet.

This Wallet is used for holding your Dogecoins directly on your Computer and Smartphone. you can download by it by click here.


2. Now Configure your Wallet.

After downloading, you can configure your Wallet according to this Guidance.

3. Transfer and get Some Dogecoin.

There are different different ways to get Dogecoin in your wallet by buying, trading, tipped, mining and many more options. It’s an endless  source of generation.

How to trade on Dogecoin?

You can easily trade on dogecoin by registering on different Exchanges. Where dogecoin is listed. Here is the list of exchanges where you can trade on dogecoin in India and also from any other country.

Dogecoin has been around for a while so it’s available on a number of exchanges.

1. Binance.

2. Huobi.

3. Kraken.

4. Gemini.

5. Kucoin.

6. WazirX.

7. Coinswitch Kuber.

Things to consider before investing in Dogecoin.

1. Dogecoin has an unlimited supply.

Dogecoin is inflationary and new coins are continuously around 14.4 million Doge enter into circulation every single day (5.2 billion per year).

2. Lacks technical development.

The cofounder of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer walked away in year 2015 little has been done with the code over the last six years.

3. 100 wallets control 90% of the supply.

Almost 90% of all Dogecoin supply is owned by about 100 wallets. If these people decide to sell their coins, more than a 100 billion Dogecoins will flood the market, causing a major crash.

Should I invest in Dogecoin?

Even though Dogecoin has started as a joke, it’s still managed to become the 4th biggest cryptocurrency. You can surely invest into it, but because of its unlimited supply we cannot trust that it will give you high returns for a long period of time. And invest only money that you can afford to lose it, because if market crashes than you can handle it easily. Please do not invest your all the money in any of the cryptocurrency.

Here are the all details about dogecoin. Comment your views below. Have a good day.

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