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What is Perspective? it’s Importance and Development.

People around the world if understood a perspective on life can be changed or explained, then the world would be a better place. If people see things from other people’s perspective then a lots of fights and quarrels can be avoided.

Before you start thinking of how to see other people’s perspective you might first need to understand the fundamentals of perspective and what a life perspective is? Let’s go through the blog and understand life perspective!

What is Perspective?

Perspective means to look through.

In life somethings are absolutely right or wrong. What people usually go through is two different perspectives in one thing. Perspective is a way people see their life, the way they approach life with personal experience.

In life, we often feel that our point of view is the correct one, and those differing from us do not have the entire picture and therefore, are wrong. But it can be that the concept of right and wrong which is like pretending something, and it is always about perspective. Also, that two people can have varying points of view, but are both right.

Importance of Perspective

One’s perspective on life determines how they relate to other people, how you handle relationships and problems. One can not realize how important their perspective on life is because everyone thinks that if other people’s opinion doesn’t affect us then our opinion should also not affect them.

 As we can see in the picture below a man (let’s say man 1) says the count of stick as Four and at same time another man (let’s say man 2) on the opposite side says the count as Three, so we can see that man1 is correct on his point of view and also man2 is correct equally.


Basically, it is not always necessary that only one person can be right at a time it depends on

 ✓ How we see!

 ✓ What we see!

✓ How we hear!

✓ And how we believe!

Both the person can be correct, it’s just that both have different perspective can’t define them ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’. Therefore, never judge a person on what u think or on whosoever’s favour you are, you must understand both person’s point view equally and then goes to a point which is satisfactory for both.

How to change your perspective on life?

here is the some tips that will help you to change your perspective on life:

  1. Seek conscious happiness
  2. Stop Complaining
  3. Don’t think differences are bad but similarities are
  4. Avoid Social media to prove oneself
  5. Stop comparing
  6. Life will be sweet when you’ll celebrate little victories

So, your perspective on life can be improved and trying to know someone else’s might show you the way to bet your thoughts and attitude. Life is all about perspective. You cannot change the past but you can always change your perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The right perspective makes the impossible possible

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