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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Own what you desire.

Hello readers! “Own what you desire”. What is something that you eagerly want? Something that you can’t live without. Something that always attracts you. A wish, a dream or a desire. Your actions and your way of hard work is defined by your desires. You’ll give your 100% to something you eagerly want. Your performance, your skills and your dedication will team up to bring you your desired goals.

All these things are possible only if you “Own what you desire.” Be selfish enough to not give up your desires for any reasons. That is not a crime. That is your dedication towards your own happiness. Can you tell me why people need to give up on their dreams? Just because their ideas don’t fit in the society. Wrong!!

It is because the society doesn’t fit into their Innovations. There’s a famous saying,

“If you don’t fit in your dreams, let your dreams fit in you.”

There are no borders to imagination. There is no limit to creativity. Any form of art has its own beauty. Any sort of start-up means a lot to the owner. Any project or any deal may mean different for different people. So, respect your desires. Offer them your confidence and they’ll strengthen you.

There’s no cost to think of an idea. The world may buy anything, but nobody can ever buy your excellence. That soul which you nourish inside you is not available to all. It is well protected. So, there’s nothing valuable then your wishes. They’re precious. Own them proudly, fear nothing and nobody. You’ll rule your happy world.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you like it. Share it with your friends. Comment down your views. Spread words. Smile more. Happy reading. God blesses.

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