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Happiness: Not Purpose of Life, It’s Usefulness.

For the longest time, I believe that there is only one purpose in everyone’s life, that is happiness. I am not the only person who believed in that. But it is fact when you look around it the people are pursuing happiness in their lives.

Do not care about any reason, we know that it is something to do with culture, economy, medial, information, and your unique name. The list of a happy life is endless.

How we can change?

You can do everything to live a happy life

  • You buy something, and you think about what makes you happy.
  • You hook up with the people and think that makes you happy.
  • You get well to do paying job and you do not need to think about what makes you happy.
  • You can go to your favorite holiday destination and do activities which give happiness.

At the end of the day, you are lying in bed, you may alone or with your spouse. What is next in the countless pursuit of happiness? Moreover, you can chase something that always feels you happy.

Here are the things to achieve happiness:

Happiness cannot be the goal, therefore, it is not achievable. When we talk about the concept with friends, family, and colleagues. I always find the difficult to put the words, try these things:

Most of the things we can do in life, do some activities and get some experiences.

  • You can go on holiday
  • You can go to work
  • Go for shopping
  • Buy new vehicles
  • Have some drinks
  • Take dinner with your friends

These things always make you happy, if you are not creating anything, just consume or do something which feels great. If you love to go on holiday or shopping sometimes, do it be honest it is the meaning of life.

What makes you happy?

When you create something that others can use, or you can also create something that useful.

For a long time when you find them difficult to explain the concept of usefulness happiness. Then always found the purpose of happiness, it is useful and honorable. 

A different mindset

Being a useful mindset, and with any mindset, it starts with the decision. One day I thought to myself, what am I doing for this world? The answer is nothing, but the same day I start to writing or do some creative activities which help me to feel like doing something for happiness. Do not take it seriously, and do not overthink, just do one useful thing.

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