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Depression a serious mood disorder: Symptoms and Treatment.

Depression is very serious and common now a days. Depression is a situation where our mind cannot handle more stress and starts to damage you internally. It is very important to control depression by the time it reaches very high.

How much depression is dangerous?

Depression is very dangerous. It blocks our mind to grow and breaks our concentration over the things. If we cannot control depression in time than it leads to death also. Depression also makes a man mad and can give very negative impact on him and society around him.

Symptoms of Depression

There are some symptoms where we can know if a person is depressed or not.

  1.  He will be mood less or have mood swings
  2.  He will be socially isolated
  3.  Excessive crying
  4.  Early awakening or insomnia
  5.  Always fatigue and have excessive hunger or no hunger
  6.  Lack of concentration
  7.  Thoughts of suicide

These are some main symptoms of depression.

Treatment for Depression

There are many solutions for depression where anyone can get rid from this disease. These are some solutions given below.

  1.  Exercise is one of the best ways to moderate depression
  2.  Stop overthinking and negative thoughts
  3.  Regularly eat fresh veggies and fruits
  4.  Drink plenty of water
  5.  Eat chocolates because it can charge your mood and can cut depression
  6.  Get a routine timetable
  7.  Stay always with your family and friends
  8.  Get a proper sleep
  9. Watch your favourite movies and sports
  10. Always share your problems to close ones

These are the most important and basic solutions for depression. One can easily get out of depression by doing these easy things.

Depression is very dangerous and never underestimate it. If you are facing the same situation in your life you should consult with your doctor. Everyone thinks consulting a doctor is embarrassing or waste of time, but no Depression is bad for your healthy life. Depression is a serious matter in our generation and its difficult for those who take it lightly.

I will be back on this topic next time for sure, because I want our generation and our society to get rid from depression.

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